Is your antivirus up to date? Odd pop-ups, websites being redirected or generally strange behaviour? You may well have a virus!


With what seems like thousands of new infections being released every week its almost inevitable that your PC will get infected with one sooner or later. While having a good security program will definitely help your PC remain infection free, the inevitable will happen.

Common Symptoms of a virus or spyware infection include

  • Pop-Ups
  • Suspect Email Messages
  • Being Re-Directed To Adult or other Websites
  • Messages Asking For Payment To Remove A List Of Infections
  • Freezing & Crashing
  • Being Unable To Go Online Or Open Programs
  • PC Running Slowly
  • Messages Asking For Payment To Unlock Your Files


A common variety of infection called the Rogue Anti-Virus ( Security Tools, Anti Virus 2012 etc) was very common a couple of years ago but less so currently, if you get a popup that looks a little like the picture above do not give them card details, contact a local computer repair shop immediately. If you have already given them details we would advise you to contact your card issuer and take their advise on either canceling the payment or card.

A worrying and far more destructive type of infection that’s currently doing the rounds(usually spread by email or website) is the Cryptolocker (Cryptolocker & Cryptowall) type infection.  There are several variations of this however they all encrypt your data and demand money to decrypt it.  Even if you do pay up, there’s a very good chance they wont unlock your data.  You can help prevent your system getting this infection by having an up to date anti-virus installed and also installed a small program called CryptoPrevent(available from Foolish IT).  This small program hardens your system to this type of infection.


There are many Anti-Virus and Anti-Spyware applications that will do a good job at removing many of the infections that your system may have however some variants can be a bit more tricky to banish and can require manual removal. We have years of experience in removing Virus and Spyware infections so why not give us a call and have us secure your system from unwanted intruders.


Prevention really is better than cure!  The best way staying clear of infections it to have an up to date anti-virus program on your system and being sensible about what links or files you click on.  If you get an email from an address you dont recognise, dont open it and definitely dont open and files or links in the email.

If you take a system in to use for an virus or malware removal, we will make you you have a good, reliable and up to date anti-virus program installed before it leaves.


Macs can get infected as well!  It used to be the case that there were practically no infections out there that could infect Mac OS but thats not the case anymore.  In fact, Android, Chrome OS, Mac OS, Windows and even Linux can get infected


Computers always break at the worst possible moment.  If you are in a desperate hurry due to impending exam deadlines or work commitments, let us know and we will see if we can fast track your job.