If you don’t live within easy traveling distance of us, we also accept jobs via post. You can contact us for an estimate before sending us a drive if you wish, however we will always contact you upon receipt of the drive with a quote for recovery of your data. If we can’t recover your data or you decline the quote the only thing you pay for is the return postage of your drive.


If you wish to send us a drive please ensure it is packed which sufficient packing material to prevent further damage in transit and also preferably in an anti-static bag. If you don’t have an anti-static bag, placing it inside a large paper envelope should suffice. Do not just put it in a plastic bag with little or no packaging. We advise that at least 5cm of foam surrounds the drive to prevent further damage.

 Fill In Recovery Submission Form On This Page & Put A Note Of Your Name And Contact Details In The Box With Your Drive
 Put Drive Into Anti-Static Bag or Paper Envelope to Prevent Static
 Minimum 5cm (2″) of Foam or Bubble wrap Around Drive
 Ensure Our Address is Clearly Written on Box
 Mark As Fragile
 Send Recorded Delivery (requires a signature) or Trusted Courier
 Not Enough Foam Or Bubble Wrap
 Putting Drive in a Plastic Bag
 Not Securely Taping Box Closed
 Drive Having Room To Move Around In Box

Please do ensure you put a note of your name and contact details in the box with the drive so we can match the drive with your form submission, it gets quite confusing at our end if we receive a drive and we dont know who its from!

Please be as thorough as you can with the details of the form as this will greatly aid us in recovering your data.