Are you looking for a reliable Aberdeen IT Support Company? We offer a wide range of services for business, however the most common would be:

(if you are looking for Home IT Support, we have you covered as well, just click on the Repair Services menu above)

  • IT Support Aberdeen
  • Network Setup & Troubleshooting
  • Network Printer Setup
  • Network Attached Storage (NAS Box) Setup
  • Remote Support & Monitoring
  • New PC Supply & Installation
  • Server Supply & Installation
  • General Repair & Maintenance of PCs
  • Virus Removal
  • On-site & Off-site Data Backup
  • Data Recovery
  • VOIP & CCTV Installation
  • Wireless Setup & Troubleshoot

If you are having and issues with anything IT related in Aberdeen then why not contact us and see if we can help you.  We are always happy to help current or new customers, we are confident that you will be more than happy with the level of service we provide.


remote it support aberdeen

In IT Support, its always better to prevent a problem rather than trying to cure it.  In a business environment, any downtime of your IT equipment can cause lost business, lost data or worse.  We can provide a monitoring service to all your PCs and Servers in Aberdeen and catch issues before they become a problem.  Security updates can be applied, Anti-Virus programs can be monitored to ensure they are up to date and any issues that could cause a system to run slow can be caught.

If a problem does occur, we can offer remote desktop support where by we can take remote control of your computer and resolve many issues quickly without you having to wait for a technician to drive you your premises.

We use the superb Connectwise Connect (formerly ScreenConnect) or Teamviewer for facilitating our remote sessions.


Having an up to date backup of your business data is vital to any business.  Imagine what would happen if you lost your accounts data, design data, company documents or images vital to the running of your business.  We see it happening all the time, and while data can often we recovered, its not always the case.

We can provide range of solutions to ensure your data is automatically backed up to one or more locations both on and off-site.  No need to remember to back it up to a USB pen or worry about what happens if you have equipment failure.

Not only can equipment failure cause loss of data, there are a whole range of computer infections that can cause your data to be either deleted or encrypted.  In fact, there are various strains of these very damaging encrypting infections that can spread across your entire network rendering all your data locked.  Preventing this happening is not a straight foward thing however we provide solutions to help prevent it from happening and put measures in place than mean if it does, your data can still be recovered.

If you are in Aberdeen and require IT support due to data loss or want a solution to prevent future data loss, give us a call and we can discuss the various options available.


In need of some new computers?  Perhaps you need some new printers connected to your existing network or perhaps your server is at breaking point and needs to be upgraded.  We can provide and setup new equipment or fix issues with your existing setup.

wireless network setup aberdeen

Perhaps your wireless network doesn’t quite cut it and has dead spots in certain areas, or perhaps the building is simply too big.  We have a range of hardware from Ubiquiti that allows you to have a seamless wireless network installed throughout your premises.


We can also offer advice as well as supply and setup VOIP(voice over IP) in your office.  VOIP represents the evolution of the traditional telephone, it allows multiple calls, take calls outside of your office, call charge reduction and highly advanced configuration options to businesses without a high cost of traditional in office business telephone equipment.  There are many advantages to moving to VOIP, why not contact us for further information.

We also can install CCTV equipment at your shop or office.  Digital IP cameras offer much better picture quality when compared to old analogue units, while providing the options of monitoring the cameras remotely via your computer or phone.


We specialise in data recovery in Aberdeen and beyond.  Data recovery is a very specialised field of IT with very few companies able to offer the service.  We can recover data from Internal and External hard drives that have suffered either a logical or physical fault.  We can also recover from USB pens, servers and NAS drives.  We understand that your data is quite likely sensitive and is treated as such, we have recovered data for hundreds of businesses so far with a high degree of success. Please see our data recovery page for further information on this.