Bad or Non working hard drive? Looking for your files to be recovered in Woodland hills? The most common media we recover data from is the regular 2.5″ and 3.5″ hard drive. You will find them in almost every desktop and laptop and also inside most external storage devices. Modern drives store hundreds of GBs of data inside them, and while they make storing all your movies, music, photos and documents possible they are prone to failure.

The way a modern hard drive works is amazingly complex, precision engineering is involved as your data is stored on metal or glass discs that spin at thousands of times a minute. Hard drives can be damaged by physical impact such as being dropped, power surges, bumps or jolts

Data can also go missing as a result of virus infections, failed updates or corruption to the information stored on the drives. Even if your drive is completely dead all hope has not been lost. Our Team of computer techs in Woodland Hills have been recovering data from all types of media since 2011 saving many dissertations, work projects, family photos and family history databases on the way.

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Common signs of a failing or failed drive are:

  • Slow running computer
  • Hard drive clicking
  • Hard drive grinding
  • Not spinning up or not making any noise
  • Hard drive not being detected in Windows
  • Hard drive not being detected in BIOS
  • Unable to access files
  • Missing files or folders
  • Hard drive being reported as the wrong size
  • Windows saying you must format the drive (please don’t do this!)


There are various forums on the Internet where people will tell you supposed ways of fixing your hard drive including:

  • Put it in the freezer
  • Hit it with a screw driver
  • Drop it
  • Change the PCB
  • Open it
  • Run software recovery program on it

PLEASE DON’T try do do any of these things on a dead or dying drive as it will make recovery either more difficult (and hence more expensive) or completely destroy the drive making it impossible to recover anything. Once upon a time cooling the drive or unsticking the drive by tapping it with a screw driver did very occasionally work but modern drives are very sensitive and we can promise trying any of these DIY tricks will only result in your increased unhappiness. We are seeing an increasing number of people opening drives or attempting DIY recovery, in 99.9% of cases all you will do it either ruin the drive completely or at best significantly increase the recovery cost.


If you suspect your drive is faulty or it shows any of the symptoms above, we would advise you to contact us immediately by phone or email.

If you require recovery from a failed or failing drive, even if your local computer shop has told you its impossible, please contact us for a FREE no obligation assessment of the drive. Even if you send us a drive and we are unable to recover any data from it you don’t pay anything, we are confident in our abilities and therefore offer a NO DATA-NO FEE policy.

We are based in WOODLAND HILLS CALIFORNIA CA 91367 so if you are in the area you can drop the drive off at our Repair Shop alternatively you can send us your drive and we will get back to you with a diagnosis within 48 hours of receipt. We would always suggest you use a registered form of postage or use a courier such as  USPS.