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In Our Computer Shop in Woodland Hills  We can fix all your computer desktops and laptops, MOST brands and models".All repairs are performed in store & most computer diagnostics are done while you wait

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Computer Maintenance & repairs

Something that can cost just few dollars can easily put at risk your data

A simple computer maintenance can save you hundreds of dollars


Specializing In MAC REPAIR & Laptop Repair

 Woodland hills computer repair services

  • Windows 10 support (Windows 10 Upgrade & Repair Read More)Windows 10 System Repair
  • Windows XP support
  • Slow computer
  • Annoying advertising
  • Fake antivirus scam
  • Data transfer
  • Data recovery
  • Password removal
  • Laptop power jack repair
  • Desktop Laptop motherboard repair
  • Blue screen issue
  • Laptop screen repair
  • Computer overheating
  • No video
  • Broken laptop parts
  • Noisy fans
  • Missing parts

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apple repair woodland hillsApple Computers are very reliable and have high quality standards in the computer industry. Even the price is much higher than average computer, loyal customers always come back and happily pay the price.

Most Apple repairs that come to the shop are: Password removal, water damage, screen repair, keyboard replacement, battery replacement, hard drive upgrade, memory upgrade & OSX upgrade. It's Very interesting but Apple Computers never get infected with viruses.

Save Up to 60% percent when you bring your Apple computer To our shop. Most Apple Repairs Come With 90 Days Warranty.


laptop repair - lenovo, dell, hp, samsung, msi, sony vaio, apple, compaq, toshiba, ibm, gateway, acerMost laptops are made to last about 3 years depending on the quality. Mostly most laptops start to fail after the warranty expires, somehow they have limited life and after few months of the expiration, you might have a bad hard drive, bad main board or line on the screen.

Most laptop repairs that come to our shop are: Virus removal, screen replacement, hard drive upgrade, tune up, hinges replacement, keyboard replacement, water damage, Windows Upgrade, Windows downgrade, System repair, data recovery, power jack repair, data transfer, etc...

how do you know if your computer it's good to fix or not?

If You want to find out if your computer it's good to fix or not, it's very simple. Just stop by our computer repair shop in woodland hills and at not cost we sill give you a free diagnostic at the spot.

PC Repair (Gaming Computer, Custom Computer, Branded Computer)

PC repair, gaming pc repair, custom pc repairPC are becoming less and less popular nowadays. I can say that even though they are not portable as the laptops, the repairs are much cheaper and because the size is not a matter, they last longer.

Most PC repairs that come to our shop are:  Virus removal, data transfer, OS upgrade, power supply replacement, system cloning, data recovery, main board replacement, Etc...

It's very important to keep your PC clean, Don't forget to dust it off at least every 6 months as that came prevent overheating and the PC can last up to 5 years more.